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Book Now margin-bottom:0px !important; $(".section2 .item").click(function() { padding: 8px 7px !important; LESOTHO width: 100%; A limited visual examination will take place during the telemedicine/teleconsultation and that it cannot replace a full medical examination done physically at Manipal Hospitals. $('#owl-carousel').owlCarousel({ margin-top:11px; $.ajax({ { font-size : 16px; y[i].style.display = "none"; "url": "https://www.manipalhospitals.com/whitefield/doctors/dr-pradeep-haranahalli-consultant-interventional-cardiology", $(".payment-details").hide(); } Sudanese Doddaballapur - Bengaluru Iranian $('#price_new_tag').empty(); .active_class { Paediatric Surgery margin-top: 38px; FRENCH SOUTHERN TERRITORIES var navbar3 = document.getElementById("navbar3"); } alert('Please select your slot or timings vc! +91 8745360000 collected, please refer to our Privacy Policy. REUNION Lebanese .set-wid-20{ #faq .panel-heading .accordion-toggle.collapsed h4:after { .form-group { Price not Available/- $(".opd-video").hide(); $(".radio-btn").show(); { } top: 0px; right: 17%; $("#district_vc"+doctor_id).html(data); Grandfather Ghaziabad .doc-listing-appointment select { ARMENIA /* display:flex; Iraqis MONGOLIA Defacto-wife CAPE VERDE font-size: 13px; if(dept_code==null || typeof dept_code=='undefined' || dept_code=='0'){ Not stated $('#opd_div'+sel).hide(); $(".otp-appointment-vc").show(); SOMALIA Ghaziabad } .forEach(function(elem) { padding-top: 12px; (function(w,d,s,l,i){ Malleshwaram - Bengaluru var w = 0; background: #034EA1; Grandson TIMOR-LESTE FINLAND BURKINA FASO sum_hv += ( parseInt( sum_hv )+ parseInt(1)); } var todaydate = new Date(json.nextdate); Vijayawada }); }); Consultant Cardiac Sciences and Interventional Cardiology, Manipal Hospitals WhiteField MBBS, MD, DM, Senior fellowship, FRCP Professor & HOD- Department of Cardiology. Gastrointestinal Science letter-spacing: 1.2px; } Botswanans background:url('assets/images/css-sprite-combined.png') -5px -25px; https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/myncbi/pradeep.natarajan.1/bibliography/public/. success: function (result) { } GURUGRAM .rt-17{ If consent provided on behalf of the patient. #faq .panel-heading .accordion-toggle h4:after { display:flex; Brother #faq .slick-next { color: #034EA1 !important; Mrs Papua New Guineans 647 Dunlop Ln, #200 Clarksville , TN (931) 648-0064. } Widely recognized for his. $('#videoc_div'+sel).hide(); .mrg-94{ .doc-profile-appoint span { Romanians $('.section2').addClass('show'); } Safe Care CommitmentGet the latest news on COVID-19, the vaccine and care at Mass General.Learn more. Libyans MediGYAN+ Contact Us New Added .align-left{ background: linear-gradient( margin-bottom: 10px !important; color: #FFFFFF !important; 1st Floor, Solitaire Business Hub,Kalewadi Phata, Opp. It goes into the artery in your groin or leg. Ivoirians } PATIALA $("#bookNow_date"+doctor_id).css("display", "block"); font-size:14px; var navbar2 = document.getElementById("navbar2"); '); NEW CALEDONIA $(function(){ margin-bottom:6px; Mutations in genes that direct the production of fibrillar collagens, essential components of blood vessel walls, appear to predispose individuals to SCAD. height: 60px; Kenyan Hence, we couldn't able to complete this transaction.We request you to call our appointment helpline number: 1800 102 5555 to book an appointment. font-size: 13px; } Dr. Pradeep Haranahalli on Heart Health | The New Indian Express.Click Here } border-radius: 6px; To learn more about Dr. Natarajan's research, please visit http://natarajanlab.mgh.harvard.edu. height:35px; Dwarka - Delhi data += ''+json.app_num; I, also understand that Manipal Hospital will not be responsible for any loss, damage or theft of any Personal Property/Belongings of Me/Patient/Visitors within the Hospital Premises. Looking for something else? Contact Us margin-top: -3.1em; height: 73px; } } Confirm #faq .faqSlider .sliderCont .slidBox { p.hereby-decleartion { } We have sent you an OTP on $('#pincode_vc'+doctor_id).find('option[value]').remove(); color: #024E9F !important; Hence, we couldn't able to complete this transaction.We request you to call our appointment helpline number: 1800 102 5555 to book an appointment. border-bottom: unset !important; PALAU GREENLAND Evening if(json.time_slots == "[]"){ Contact Us url: "https://www.manipalhospitals.com/whitefield/index/doctor_profile_city_wise", Prof right: 23%; Next Excellence, Pulmonology (Respiratory and Sleep Medicine), In-Patient $("#bookNow_date"+doctor_id).css("display", "none"); line-height: 20px; Togolese Rescheduling of doctor appointment can be done within a week from the date of appointment as per doctor / slot availability. .checkbox-refund span{ 080-22221111 Review Us } $(".confirm-appointment-vc").hide(); yB9TUej1l42I9WVM1SxLXHugckDp6lf3 Explore the top medications used to treat anxiety, and understand the various options available for managing this condition. if ($('#videoc'+sel).prop("checked")) { select:invalid, I have the right to withhold or withdraw my consent to the use of telemedicine/teleconsultation in the course of my care at any time, without affecting my right to future care or treatment. Interventional Cardiologist Self-employed View Pradip's full profile See who you know in common Get . Cypriots line-height: 10px; SAINT VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES SAINT PIERRE AND MIQUELON content: "\e114"; Hondurans var date_given = month+"/"+day+"/"+year; DELHI @media only screen and (max-width: 767px) { if (!$("input[name='slot_date_vc']:checked").val()) { left: 0%; 10 Tips for Healthy Living With Heart Disease. LIECHTENSTEIN } .overview-para li::before { } data += '

  • '; var slots_type1 = new_s_date.substr(-5,4); Miss QUALIFICATION rewindNav : false, Did not receive an OTP? Best Nephrology Hospital in Whitefield, Bangalore Languages , Jay Khambhati Tinamarie Desmarais (AACVPR)Kathleen C. Traynor Pradeep Natarajan . .paytm-modal .modal-header { margin-bottom: 5px; . .t-p li a, .t-p p a, .overview-para li p a, .overview-para p a, .overview-para p li a { } } #faq h2 Gurugram } Boers } } Danes }); Interactive audio/video connection, electronic information and communication technologies shall be used for providing me with a telemedicine/teleconsultation. justify-content:space-between; } opacity: 1; var new_datesd = date_given.split("/"); } SAINT KITTS AND NEVIS }else{ color: #BF385B; $(".display-flex").hide(); I hereby give my consent and authorize Manipal Hospitals to process, store,use,disclose my personal or sensitive information/data collected as per Manipal Privacy Policy, Did not receive an OTP? .css-sprite-opd-btn-icon1 Ethiopian Register .re-reg-popup p{ I hereby consent that in consideration for the telemedicine / teleconsultation services rendered to me, I agree to pay the relevant charges. ALAND ISLANDS var dept_code = $("#speciality-id").val(); $('#prime_div'+sel).hide(); Tanzanians Assamese } CONGO, THE DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE border-radius: 100% Estonians

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